Local Changemakers Intervention


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99.661,00 kr.

Indsatsen foregår i følgende lande:

  • Nepal

Lokale partnere:

  • Slisha

Overordnede mål :

At øge fortaleri for kvinder og børns rettigheder.

Umiddelbare mål :

At træne kvinderne i ledelse og opbygge fundament for muligheden for at oprette en LNGO.

Målgrupper :

Kvinder, der er en del af WAWCAS community i Lamjung.


The Local changemaker intervention is a local anchoring of the learnings and developments made within the WAWCAS t16-month training programme. Through the Local Changemakers intervention we empower the women and encourage them to look critically at their communities and discover possibilities within their groups. By using a specific focus in the leadership training on supporting them in identifying their competences both individually and as a group we aim to establish how the women in the best possible way can mobilize, and support each other’s differences in the future to create opportunities. If successful, the long-term goal of the intervention is for the new mechanism to be anchored further by establishing an officially registered LNGO. This hopefully will lead to similar interventions not only in Lamjung but also in Tanahun, Kathmandu, and Lalitpur in the long term. The long-term development objective is to increase women’s and children’s access to universal rights, by raising awareness of their opportunities and challenges, and ways to utilize both in a democratic society. The intervention is therefore a combined leadership empowerment and study that through a preparation visit, three workshops, and two women group meetings will map the needs, opportunities and challenges of the women. The intervention has elements of a study, since we establish whether the need to mobilize (identified in some groups) is relevant for other groups in the Lamjung district. If this is the case the long-term aim is to encourage the women to establish, mobilize and run Local NGO’s (LNGO) that can channel political influence in local and maybe national authorities. Run ‘for women and by women’.