Sexual Education in Egypt






Projekt B (0,2-0,5 mio)

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Beviliget beløb:

397.922,00 kr.

Indsatsen foregår i følgende lande:

  • Egypt, Arab Republic

Lokale partnere:

  • Tadwein

Overordnede mål :

Contributing to the efforts on eliminating gender based violence in Egypt through sexual/gender education of adolescents.

Umiddelbare mål :

Immediate objective 1: Teachers/mentors working with adolescents receive adequate tools and training on sexual/gender education for youth, focusing on sexual reproductive health, gender equality and challenging stereotypes on gender roles. Immediate objective 2: Egyptian adolescents have a more positive perception of gender equality and are against violence against women. Immediate objective 3: Ministries or relevant governmental bodies, such as the National Council for Women (NCW), members of non-governmental organizations, unions, media personnel, and the general public address the need for sexual/gender education among youth in schools and other relevant bodies, as a means to overcome violence against women.

Målgrupper :

12 trainers (6 females and 6 males) from 4 urban governorates (Cairo, Giza, Port Said, and Alexandria) will receive an intensive 2 days training. The trainers will be selected based on their influence in the communities; incl. school teachers, employees of IT clubs, and active members/volunteers of community based organizations. They have to be informed about GBV issues and supportive of efforts towards its prevention and elimination. Approx. 120 (60 female and 60 male) adolescents will receive training through 12 one-day workshops in their communities, schools, IT clubs and local NGOs. The project targets both female and male adolescents in the age of 12-17 who must be enrolled in schools and residents of an urban area, preferably a poorer area. These adolescents most likely experience or perpetuate violence in their communities. We expect that trained adolescents will discuss acquired information and knowledge with family members and friends, which will lead to diffusion of messages. Tadwein will select approximately 10 members, active and committed to GBV prevention, to be members of the project’s task force. Members must be representatives of relevant ministries, members of other governmental bodies, of formal and informal syndicates, of NGOs active in the field of education and/or violence prevention, media personnel, or youth activists.


Projektets formål er bekæmpelse af vold og diskrimination af kvinder i Egypten gennem seksualundervisning af ca. 120 unge på 12-17 år i fire forskellige regioner i Egypten. Projektets målgruppe er skoleelever fra fortrinsvist fattige byområder, som sandsynligvis oplever eller bidrager til at opretholde vold i lokalsamfundet. Et undervisningsmodul inkl. undervisningsmanual til lærere udvikles, og 12 lærere trænes i at undervise i modulet og afholder workshops med unge i lokalmiljøet. Desuden etableres en task force af repræsentanter fra foreninger, organisationer og ministerier, der skal skabe opmærksomhed og lave fortalervirksomhed for at udbrede seksualundervisning som en metode til at bekæmpe vold mod kvinder i Egypten. Kvinderådets samarbejdspartner er Tadwein Gender Research Center. Der er risiko for at Undervisningsministeriet ikke vil deltage projektet, da det for tiden ikke er åbent for ændringer i curriculum.