Vida sin violencia







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  • Bolivia

Lokale partnere:

  • Fundación Comunidad de Productores en Artes (COMPA)

Overordnede mål :

Preventing and combating gender-based injustices and violence in Bolivia and engages young people in the fight against gender-based violence using “an artistic model of social dialogue”.

Umiddelbare mål :

1: (Gaining knowledge) The participating young artists are aware of gender-based violence in the Bolivian society and know how to fight against it. 2: (Gaining tools) The participating young artists have theatrical skills on the subject of gender-based violence and for dialoguing with audiences. 3: (Broadening knowledge and engagement). Students in the selected schools - and the surrounding public - have deepened their knowledge of gender rights and have heard of tools to prevent gender violence.

Målgrupper :

1. The performers: 30 young people, age 16 to 26, of whom at least 60% are women 2. Other youngsters in Teatro Trono: 30 children and youth. 3. Young debaters: 1400 children and youth. 4. The audiences: 5.600 young people, girls and boys, age 8 to 19, as well as 200 teachers and principals from the 14 schools 5. Families of the participants and spectators. 6. The broader public reached through social and other media.


In this intervention young artists in Bolivia develop an artistic model to fight gender-based injustices and violence. By raising awareness about violent relationships through creative work, young artists will become able to assume the role as protagonists. In the process of creating an artistic performance the young people involved become aware of the wide range of problems related to gender-based violence and they gain tools to read and prevent violent situations. With the performance they tour to schools in socially disadvantaged parts of the metropolitan area of La Paz and broaden the knowledge and discussion out to thousands of children and adolescents who become aware of the need to act to achieve change. The methodologies used in the intervention will create a model for how to use theatre to engage young people in the fight against gender violence and in other right based topics.