Revitalizing youth’s active citizenship through constitutional awareness and stakeholder mobilization in Bulawayo and Masvingo, Zimbabwe.


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  • Zimbabwe

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  • My Age Zimbabwe Trust


This project’s overall objective is to facilitate open spaces for dialogue towards civic engagement among youth and the duty bearers in two provinces of Zimbabwe namely; Masvingo and Bulawayo aimed at contributing to positive inclusion of citizens in country’s governance, policymaking, and development processes at large. Specifically, the project will be run based on three objectives, these include: 1. To promote constitutional awareness and meaningful youth engagement in the civic engagement processes in Zimbabwe through clarifying with and sensitizing these stakeholders around the country’s constitution and their rights, roles, and duties towards this – and increasing their informed participation in the way their country is run. 2. To facilitate space and opportunities for youth from the two provinces to engage with their community leaders in civic engagement processes through facilitating public meetings, lobbies, debates, joint training, etc. to bring these stakeholders together into dialogue for longer-term joint growth & work. 3. To establish the building/mobilizing of a network of youth-led organizations from the two provinces to start working together towards joint planning on how to engage the young people in the provinces and other places these work, and as a supportive platform for the strengthening and long-term sustainability of this project’s objectives.