Partnership for Peacebuilding in Kenya


Conducive Space for Peace





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Beviliget beløb:

499.919,00 kr.

Samlet buget:

499.919,00 kr.

Indsatsen vedrører følgende verdensmål:

  • Mål 5: Ligestilling mellem kønnene
  • Mål 10: Mindre ulighed
  • Mål 16: Fred, retfærdighed og stærke institutioner
  • Mål 17: Partnerskaber for handling

Indsatsen foregår i følgende lande:

  • Kenya

Lokale partnere:

  • Angaza Empowerment Network
  • Centre for Multiparty Democracy (CMD-Kenya)
  • Transform Empowerment for Action Initiative (TEAM)

Overordnede mål :

To contribute to a more secure, peaceful and cohesive society in Kenya

Umiddelbare mål :

1.1 Reduced political violence in Kenya before, during and after the 2022 general election. 1.2 Strengthened peaceful co-existence and community resilience to violence.

Målgrupper :

The primary target group consisting of the staff members of the three partner organisations, will be approximately 30 people. The secondary target group will reach approximately 680 people directly and 25.000 indirectly and is defines as the direct end-beneficiaries of the local partners and their secondary beneficiaries.


Kenya has in recent years experienced violence around elections and inter-communal violence in its border regions. As causes and drivers of conflict are not properly addressed, risks remain that Kenya will see more violent conflict. Together, Conducive Space for Peace and three Kenyan CSOs have developed a one-year engagement with the aim of contributing to a more secure, peaceful and cohesive society in Kenya by reducing political violence before, during and after elections and strengthening peaceful co-existence and community resilience to violence. This will be achieved by building the capacity of political parties in conflict transformation and dialogue, developing community structures to manage political violence, and by facilitating inter-ethnic and inter-religious dialogue and youth empowerment. CSP will work with the partners to build their capacity in a way that meets their needs, facilitate learning, and will co-create a conducive space to explore avenues for joint action.