Youth SDGs Awareness through Debate – Uganda


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  • Uganda

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  • Open Space Centre

Overordnede mål :

Our project is about mobilizing young people (youths) in high schools, and the entire high schools’ system to pay more focus on the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda. We want to do this by: - Raising awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among marginalised young people in rarely reached high schools in central Uganda. - Mobilizing young people, teachers, and schools at large to play a more active role in working with and monitoring SDGs implementation, and - Building the capacity – skills of individuals, students, teachers, schools clubs to engage with SDGs.

Umiddelbare mål :

1. To train 150 young people in 10 Ugandan high schools about SDGs, in non-formal pedagogical ways that will make it easier for them to understand, engage with, and follow-up or gain interest in the SDGs. As well as facilitate the strengthening of debate clubs where the schools have such clubs, and facilitate the start of debate clubs in schools that do not have them as yet, to ensure that there is a platform for further engagement on SDGs and debate aspects. 2. Train and mobilize a core team of trainers (Teachers) in both SDGs and Debate concepts (rhetoric), who in turn will train young people in SDGs and debate, to enable them to meaningfully engage with SDGs. Along with this objective: i. Mobilize, support, and strengthen school teachers’ clubs in the participating schools to engage more with SDGs and make these part of their club’s agenda ii. Facilitate inter-schools’ teachers’ clubs among the 10 participating schools, to create further and wider engagement about the SDGs in and across the participating schools. iii. Through the teachers’ clubs and student’s groups mobilize school administrations in the 10 participating schools to consider the focus on SDGs and debate aspects as a part of their extra-curricular activities, and thereby secure their interest and support to these student clubs 3. Multiply the project’s central themes – SDGs and debate skills around SDGS, by; i. Holding in-schools and inter-school debate camps/competitions about SDGs, as a way of creating further understanding and awareness about the SDGs, as well as debate culture in the schools. ii. Holding a one day schools public SDGs conference/symposium, where at least 30 schools, represented by 60 teachers and 150 students are invited to hear about SDGs & their progress, participate in an open SDGs debate session, as well as take part in a mock debate session around SDGs in Uganda and beyond. This will be aimed at giving motivation to other schools to focus on engaging with SDGs and using debate a tool in doing so.

Målgrupper :

Our project has two levels of target groups. The primary and secondary target groups. The primary target group will comprise of: - 150 young people from 10 high schools (15 per school), intentionally distributed to about 50/50% between males and females between the ages of 15 – 18. - 20 high school teachers (2 from each school) and student club patrons (Trainers of Trainers – ToTs), who are keen to share and participate in the proposed activities as trainers, facilitators. - 10 Teachers Clubs in the 10 schools – comprising of at least 15 teachers each - 10 student debate clubs in 10 schools, comprising an average of 30 students each - An added 100 students and 40 teachers from schools that will attend the Schools public conference/symposium on SDGs and debate in Uganda & beyond. - The project will make deliberate efforts to pay high attention to equal participation between gender. - Student leaders with a proven track record, and willingness to participate and volunteer in project activities will be selected for key activities of the project, including trainings. The second target group of the project will involve: - At least 1000 young people across the 10 schools, where the estimation is that we will reach at least half the number of students in these schools – imagining that each school has about 100 students at a minimum. This number will be higher in the real context. - We want to reach at least 200 teachers across the 10 schools, imagining that each school has at least 20 teachers. We intend to hold information meetings, where teachers and administrators will be introduced to the project and taken through a workshop facilitation on SDGs, Debate concepts and the place of young people in the current policy dispensation. - Our project will reach at least 600 people from the near public, where we estimate that each of the 150 directly involved students comes from a family or a network of at least 4 people that are out of school. This will enable the project information spread wide. - We want to reach at least 1,000,000 people through our compiled video documentary on “Youth, SDGs and Debates”, that will be shown widely by both CB and open space to their audiences. This documentary will be utilized in highlighting how youths can be involved in discussing public policy through debate – the example of SDGs. It will give detailed information about SDGs.


Vores projekt handler om at mobilisere og øge bevidstheden om Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) blandt marginaliserede unge i sjældent nået High Schools i det centrale og nordlige Uganda. Gennem kurser, engagement, debat og stemme til de unge, ved at bruge SDGs som en platform, vi ønsker at øge deres kendskab om de tværgående temaer i SDGS, og hvorfor det er vigtigt, at de bliver involveret i planlægning og monitorering af SDGs. Og gennem træning i debat og retorik, vil de udvikle deres debattere og offentlige retoriske evner. Projektet bliver gennemført i det centrale og nordlige Uganda.