"Know Your Rights" - Training of Peace Ambassadors in Rural Sierra Leone






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  • Sierra Leone

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  • Play31 - Sierra Leone

Overordnede mål :

The overall objective of the ‘Know Your Rights’ project is to develop a ‘culture of peace’ where conflicts are fewer and solved peacefully, and where their root causes, including human rights violations, are addressed. Increasing PAs knowledge of and respect for human rights contributes to reaching this long-term objective.

Umiddelbare mål :

In order to reach the overall objective, the two specific objectives are defined as follows: By the end of the project cycle, all PAs have increased knowledge of human rights and conflict resolution. By the end of the project cycle, all PAs have gained experience on facilitating human rights community workshops, and at least 75% have engaged independently in PA activities in their local communities.

Målgrupper :

The ‘Know Your Rights’ project will take place in Moyamba district in southern Sierra Leone. The district has a population of approximately 260,000 people spread over fourteen chiefdoms, of which Play31-SL will operate in three. The two target groups of the project are: Primary target group: Peace Ambassadors (age 18-60) • Age span from 18 to 60. • Equal distribution between male and female PAs, as well as recruitment from various tribes, different religious backgrounds and different social statuses. • Representation of marginalized groups and individuals (e.g. ex-combatants, war and Ebola survivors). Furthermore, participation from relevant duty-bearers such as chiefs and Mami Queens (high-ranking women in the community). Secondary target group: • Peers and communities, which the PAs engage in the project through human rights workshops and conflict resolution interventions


Det overordnede mål er at opbygge en ‘fredskultur’ (culture of peace), som vil bidrage til bære-dygtig udvikling i fattige og sårbare lokalsamfund i Moyamba-distriktet i Sierra Leone. Projektet vil blive implementeret i tre ’chiefdoms’ i Moyamba, som stadig lider under de sociale, økonomiske og politiske konsekvenser, som både landets borgerkrig og den nylige Ebola-epidemi har skabt. Det vil bygge på tidligere projekter gennemført af Play31-DK og Play31-SL (siden 2008) og vil fo-kusere på at opbygge kapacitet blandt Fredsambassadører; lokale grupper af ’rights-holders’ og ’duty-bearers’, som bliver uddannet i menneskerettigheder og konfliktløsning.