Reclaiming Civic Space in Uganda - a response to the COVID-19 crisis


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Beviliget beløb:

951.867,00 kr.

Samlet buget:

951.867,00 kr.

Indsatsen vedrører følgende verdensmål:

  • Mål 10: Mindre ulighed
  • Mål 16: Fred, retfærdighed og stærke institutioner
  • Mål 17: Partnerskaber for handling

Indsatsen foregår i følgende lande:

  • Uganda

Lokale partnere:

  • National Coalition of Human Rights Defenders - Uganda (NCHRD-U)


The main purpose of the 12-month intervention is to protect the operating environment of civic space in Uganda, working to promote and reclaim fundamental freedoms following increasing violations arising from implementation of already existing restrictive laws and the misuse of COVID-19 measures by the government. Within this intervention, the activities have been specifically designed to strengthen contextualised grassroots responses to state actions in Uganda and will work towards the following primary objective: Civil society organizations (CSOs) and Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) in Uganda promote an enabling environment through activities relating to re-claiming of freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly in physical and digital civic spaces which have worsened substantially due to disproportionate government restrictions stemming from COVID-19.