Lunyo Orphan Support Project(LOSP) Advocacy for the rights of orphans/children in Lunyo Subward, Entebbe


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45.243,00 kr.

Indsatsen foregår i følgende lande:

  • Uganda

Lokale partnere:

  • Entebbe
  • Lunyo Subward
  • St. Marks Church


The partner in Uganda is St. Marks Church, Lunyo Subward, Entebbe. In 99 some volun-teers from the church took the initiative to support orphans and their guardians in the sub-ward. A member of SUG, who worked as a development worker in Entebbe from 02 to 04, has co-operated with the counterpart since then. In July 2007 the partners meet and draw up a proposal for a project. The project goal is to support 50-200 orphans and their guardi-ans, by advocating for the rights of the orphans, regarding education, improvement of their life conditions etc. The project strategy include development and strengthen of the organ-isational capacity and human resource capacity in order to empower the project and se-cure its sustainability as a mainly volunteer based project, which can influence the authori-ties and organisations to carry out their responsibilities for support of the orphans.