Sports as a Tool for Development - Consolidation Phase


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  • Ghana

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  • Youth Opportunity Partnership Programme

Overordnede mål :

A democratic and equitable project area, where youth and women have consolidated their influence in the decision-making processes regarding the development of their communities and districts.

Umiddelbare mål :

Objective 1: The youth, especially women, have through the LYAs become empowered and capacitated to take active part in and assume responsibility for the development of their communities and districts in the operational area. Objective 2: The LYAs have become consolidated organizations actively promoting inclusion of women and able to represent the interests of their members at the community and district level, through sustained cooperation and coordination of their efforts within the framework of YOPP. Indicator 1: YOPP’s three main strategic documents (advocacy, organizational and fund-raising strategy) have all been revised within the first year to reflect the increasingly coor-dinating role YOPP will assume in relation to the LYAs. Objective 3: YOPP and the LYAs have consolidated cooperative relationships with the LYA-members that are elected into Unit Committees, Area Councils and District Assemblies, supporting them in the revival of the decentralised political structures to promote development of their areas.

Målgrupper :

Primary Target Group 1 is limited to the organisational direct actors and beneficiaries. These include: YOPP-B, YNG, YGN, YOPP-S, LYAs and their boards, LGGs and their volunteers etc. It is estimated that about 200 form this target group. Primary Target Group 2 is made up of youth and women in the communities that directly benefit from the ST4D activities in the main communities and subcommunities. it is estimated that about 12,200 people will be reached through the activities. Primary Target Group 3. This is made up of members of traditiona authorities, members of the district assemblies such as the DA members, The AC members, the UC members etc. They totally make a total number of 530 people. The secondary Target Group is made up of people in the communities that are not targetted, but they some how benefit from the project. It also includes other government departments and NGOs who in some ways gain out of the project. It is estimated that 3630 people fall under this target group. The project strong target women and estimated at least 40% of the beneficiaries will be women.


The consolidation Phase seeks to contribute to sustaining the gains made over the last three Phases of the ST4D through - building stronger LYAs and there by also influence to the youth, particularly women, in the decision-making processes regarding the development of their communities and districts, - build their capacity to engage political and traditional stakeholders . The past three phases have suc-ceeded in granting youth and women access to and recognition by stakeholders, but it is still necessary to strengthen their capacity and consolidate the LYA’s if they are to be able to convert this access to sustainable and proportional influence, especially in the case of women. - increase the democratic consciousness of the youth and give them the tools to engage political leaders as means to community development