Organizational Development of Youth Organizations in Zimbabwe – Raising the Voice of Youth


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Projekt D (1 - 3 mio)

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2.806.702,00 kr.

Indsatsen foregår i følgende lande:

  • Zimbabwe

Lokale partnere:

  • Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YET)

Overordnede mål :

The overall objective is to realize a democratic community where young poeple are empowered to participate fully in descion making so as to influence policies and developmental processes.

Umiddelbare mål :

'- YETT partner organizations have increased democratic participation by young people through enhanced capacity to involve members in the decision making and operations within the organizational structures. - Youth in Zimbabwe have built consensus on youth challenges and opportunities and have devised a strategy for pushing for the youth agenda. - YETT and YETT partners have advocated for the implementation of youth friendly policies at regional, national and global level.

Målgrupper :

Capacity building: 5 YETT staff and 35 young men and 35 young women selected from 25 partner organisations who will take part in the leadership development courses. The pool of 17 young men and 18 young women who are trained each year are expected to practice their skills with at least 20 other young people from the membership of their organisations therefore spreading their knowledge to 350 young men and 350 young women as they conduct follow up activities after their training. Therefore, capacity building initiatives are targeting at reaching 745 young people form YETT partner organisations. A special emphasis will be on young women’s organisations and organisations run by and targeting ethnic minority youth, as these organisations are often worse off than the generality of youth organisations in Zimbabwe. Activities aimed at youth-consensus building will gather 25 youth representatives in each of the 9 provinces in Zimbabwe in provincial summits that will be clustered into 3 distinctive clusters. Working with 20 partner organisations, the provincial summits are expected to coordinate the participation of 225 youth representatives from other organisations other than those in the YETT network. The consensus at provincial level will then be consolidated with the views of other young people from different provinces at a Youth Consensus Summit that will gather 100 influential young people from the 9 provinces. In addition, 3 major political parties in Zimbabwe will be represented by 20 young men and 10 young women from their youth wings who will participate in multi-party dialogues. The YETT gender policy states that there should be a 50/50 representation of men and women in all activities. This project will include a platform where 50 young women will engage in a female caucus prior to the Youth Consensus Summit. Thus 255 young men and women will represent youth associations and groupings in the process of developing a national agenda and devising a strategy for engagement. In the process of action research 15 young men and 15 young women from YETT partner organisations will be prepared to openly share ideas, experiences in order to identify the problems in the community. The youth will also be equipped with skills to go beyond problem identification to action on the solutions proposed and work with a further 300 other young people in appraising and testing the solutions within their respective communities. An action-research follow up course will be held with 25 young people while 5 new entrants will be oriented on effective ways of carrying out action research processes. The total number of people directly reached in this project is around 1 365 young people.


Det overordnede mål med projektet er et demokratisk samfund hvor unge fuldt deltager i beslutningsprocesser i forhold til at kunne influere på politikområder og i udviklingsprocesser generelt i Zimbabwe. Et demokratisk samfund opnås bl.a. gennem opbygningen af demokratisk kultur. Dette opnås gennem styrket internt demokrati i Youth Empowerment and Tranformation Trust's medlemsorganisationer i Zimbabwe. Derudover sigter projektet mod at skabe konsensus om unge-dagsordener gennem deltagelse af unge fra civilsamfundsorganisationer og de politisk aktive unge i forskellige ungdomspolitiske partier, i samme aktiviteter.