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98.995,00 kr.

Indsatsen foregår i følgende lande:

  • Sierra Leone

Lokale partnere:

  • National Skill Pool

Overordnede mål :

Improved livelihood for the poorest communities by establishing low cost sustainable systems for collection and handling of plastic waste locally.

Umiddelbare mål :

The outcome of the initiative are expected to be an assessment of the feasibility of the technical solution and the preparation of a viable plan for the long-term implementation of the concept focusing on lesson learned and a future business plan. The initiative will not only document the viable technical solution, but also motivate the community for further engagement.

Målgrupper :

The people living in the selected communities of Pottor and Kaningo will be the overall main target group benefitting from reduced flooding a cleaner environment, which is a couple of thousand households. The initial number of people who will be included in this phase of the project in sorting of household waste is around 30 to 50 depending on the agreed approach. They will participate in the workshops and receive detailed information about waste handling and the potential of utilising waste as a resource for the communities. Community leaders will be included in the project and in the workshops to share their perspectives regarding community mobilizing and to ensure local buy-in and ownership. All groups will be part of a large knowledge sharing process during the whole intervention that will generate awareness about the current issues of plastic waste and the potential of the waste to help the communities.


The initiative is to demonstrate a viable community based technical and economical approach to the recycling of plastic. The initiative will adapt and integrate a simple technical solution to address grooving climate change and environmental impacts in the participating community, integrating a focus on value-chain and circular economy. In the medium/long term perspective, the initiative is also to demonstrate forms of successful local business management and organization to manage community income generation; however, present application and action are focused on the demonstration of the technical and economic viability in order to secure a buy-in and further interest from local stakeholders. The initiative seeks to demonstrate the value of using local resources (waste) as a platform for income generation, hence thereby improve livelihoods and drive social and environmental change. The partnership aims at achieving this by integrating plastic waste recycling activities in Pottor and Kaningo, in Freetown.