Advocacy and Capacity Building in TUM


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1.737.884,00 kr.

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  • Malawi

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Overordnede mål :

'- to contribute to long-term improvements of education delivery in primary and secondary public schools in Malawi by strengthening TUM as a financially independent and democratic teachers union that conducts effective advocacy activities and provides other relevant services to its members for the benefit of the Malawian education sector in general.

Umiddelbare mål :

1) By December 2020, the teaching/learning material and human resource situation in public schools have been analysed and a teachers´ code-of-conduct is being implemented and monitored as a result of TUM initiated evidence-based advocacy activities in close cooperation with other relevant stakeholders. 2) By December 2020, teacher grievances with the employer regarding delayed promotions and salary arrears have been solved as a result of TUM initiated and implemented evidence-based advocacy activities and information services to members. 3) By December 2020, TUM has become organisationally and financially capable of planning and implementing effective advocacy strategies/activities which results in long-term improvements in the education sector for the benefit of both teachers and pupils.

Målgrupper :

20,000 teachers attending 200 Membership Rallies countrywide 420 TUM leaders at divisional and district level – gender balanced trained to provide membership services efficiently and effectively 300 education stakeholders will be coordinating how to advocate for quality education 3 million pupils in public schools of Malawi, of which the large majority is living under the poverty line of 2 US$ per day


This project proposal is building project cooperation between DLF and TUM financed by CISU (2014-2016). The main purpose of this project is to create permanent improvements in the schools of Malawi to the benefit of pupils as well as teachers, of whom many are living below the poverty line. This is sought achieved by supporting the activities of TUM as the advocate for all children’s recognized right to a free public quality education, and as the advocate for the teachers’ profession ethics and employees’ rights (regarding pay and working conditions). A precondition to achieve this, is to strengthen TUM’s capacity to develop and implement strategic and evidence-based advocacy as well as to ensure the building of TUM’s organizational, administrative and financial capacity to maintain the results of the project and implement future advocacy independently of external support. This project is considered to be a concluded course.