Børn som Aktører for et demokratisk, retfærdigt og bæredygtigt samfund


International Børnesolidaritet




PROGRAM (Endelig ansøgning)

Projekt start:


Projekt slut:


Beviliget beløb:

18.941.000,00 kr.

Indsatsen foregår i følgende lande:

  • Bolivia
  • Nicaragua

Lokale partnere:

  • Acción Andina de Educación(AAE)
  • Asociación Infantil de niñas y niños trabajadores de Jinotega "Tuktan Sirpi" (Club Infantil)
  • Asociacion Inhijambia
  • Centro Creativo Artístico educar es fiesta
  • Centro de Comunicatión Cultural Chasqui
  • Fundacion Comunidad de Productores en Artes (COMPA)
  • Fundación de Apoyo al Arte Creador Infantil (FUNARTE)
  • Fundación Inti Phajsi
  • Instituto de Promoción Humana - Estelí
  • Instituto de Promoción Humana - Ocotal
  • Instituto de Promoción Humana - Somoto


The partners in Bolivia and Nicaragua want cooperation and synergy between themselves to be able to support the development of empowerment in socially vulnerable children to make them able to defend their rights and demand changes for better conditions for children. The three main focuses are participation, education for life and inclusion of children and young people in high-risk. In order to achieve these changes it is necessary to develop knowledge and skills in the partners and actors close to the children (parents, teachers and local actors) so that they can support and act as allies in program activities. The children themselves and the partners and social actors are all performing social and political advocacy in order to make the duty bearers assume responsibility for protection and guarantee of children's rights. The methods developed in the program are presented to the duty bearers as suggestions on how to better the conditions in the educational, social and political conditions of the children.