Towards a citizen movement of the vulnerable neighbourhoods of the suburbs of Dakar


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  • Senegal

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Overordnede mål :

Strengthening the capacities of CBOs in order to contribute to an improvement of the urban environment in select zones of peri-urban Dakar (three communes in the municipalities of Pikine and Guediawaye). The zones of interventions are essentially informal urban neighbourhoods. For over a decade, most of them have been affected by periodic and permanent flooding. They suffer from a deficit in urban planning, from inadequate management of solid waste, inadequate drainage infrastructure, poor governance and coastal erosion due to see level rise and fraudulent extraction of beach sand. These problems are acute and they constitute the key focus of responses by local Community Based Organizations (CBOs). Due to poor and inadequate organisation of CBOs and insufficient means, CBO actions are short-lived and uncoordinated. Development and Distaster Risk Reduction (DRR) programs carried out or planned by public authorities (Plan Jaxaay, Tawfeex, PROGEP, etc.) have promised an improvement in the targeted urban areas, but their success continues to depend on local populations. Nevertheless, local residents’ ownership of such projects and their capacity to extend these actions into the most segregated areas are limited. The proposed actions focus on strengthening the CBOs in their capacity for collective action. This will be done through tailor-made training and through organisational structuring of the CBOs at the local, communal and municipal level. The aim is to encourage peer learning, exchange of experiences and coordination of CBO actions. Some of these networks are already present in a number of Pikine’s communes. At the scale of the wider peri-urban area, the project aims to foster a creation of a coalition of CBO networks, referred to as the Alliance, which would promote concerted action and thus act as a prerequisite for wider advocacy campaigns representative of the needs of residents living in precarious yet densely populated peri-urban areas. Together, these CBOs must gain weight in negotiations with local authorities and position themselves as key partners in decision-making over issues pertaining to local urban planning and local development.

Umiddelbare mål :

Specific objective OS.1 Establish a micro-project financing mechanism in order to enable networks of CBOs to improve the environment of flooded neighbourhoods (primarily with respect to sanitation, liquid waste, drainage, waste collection, control of coastal erosion and urban planning and management). Specific objective OS2. Strengthen the operational capacity of 'CBO networks' to manage projects, to organise on a larger scale and to sustain their actions. Specific objective OS3. Through the constitution of a transversal civic movement composed of inhabitants of informal settlements in the peri-urban areas of Dakar, strengthen coordination between CBOs and their actions as well as the CBOs’ capacity to negotiate with public actors.

Målgrupper :

Principal target groups are CBOs engaged in activities within the informal neighbourhoods of Dakar’s peri-urban suburbs. These groups are located in three communes: Djiddah Thiaroye Kao, Medina Gounass and Wakhinane Nimzat. The CBOs focus their work on improvement of the local living environment and aim to develop a capacity to sustain their interventions. The CBOs include primarily women's groups and youth associations as well as health committees and other community organisation working to improve the local urban environment. The final beneficiaries are first of all the inhabitants of the informal settlements of the three communes which have a total population of 290,000. Secondly, they include local authorities, who become a new interlocutor for the CBOs. Local artisans and small businesses will benefit both directly and indirectly from the project through involvement of local businesses and professionals in the implementation of micro-projects (labour, material supply and hardware). Through advocacy campaigns and activities at the peri-urban level, beneficiaries will eventually extend beyond the initial areas of intervention.


Overordnet mål: At styrke kapaciteten af civile organisationer (CBO) i usikre kvarterer i Pikine og Guediawaye ved at samles omkring projekter for at forbedre deres bymiljø og spille en større rolle som partnere for bæredygtig byudvikling. Specifikke mål: - OS1. Etablere en mikro-finansieringsmekanisme for 'OCB foreninger' for at forbedre miljøet ift. oversvømmede kvarterer i de områder med kloakering, dræning, affaldsindsamling, kampen mod marine erosion og byudvikling. - OS2. Styrke den operationelle kapacitet af 'sammenslutninger af CBO'er' styre projekter, at strukturere en større skala og administrere resultalter på en bæredygtig måde. - OS3. Styrke dialogen mellem handlinger CBO'er og deres overenskomstforhandlinger med offentlige aktører ved at bygge en tværgående bevægelse af beboerne i uformelle bosættelser på tværs forstæderne til Dakar.