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399.976,00 kr.

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  • Afghanistan

Lokale partnere:

  • Norwegian Project Office/Rural Rehabilitation Association for Afghanistan - NPO/RRAA

Overordnede mål :

Overall goal: The people in Herat province know their health rights and are able to advocate for them.

Umiddelbare mål :

'- NPO/RRAA has improved capacity to integrate HRBA in the organization with special attention to Health rights. - 300 direct project beneficiaries from Injil district are aware of their health rights

Målgrupper :

Target group 1: A total of 300 direct beneficiaries, 150 men and 150 women as well as 40% youth between 15-25 years from 10 communities from injil district, Herat province. 1500 indirect beneficiaries who are close families of the 300 direct beneficiaries. Target group 2: Primary target group: NPO/RRAA as an organization. Training in HRBA to those who are directly implementing the project. Secondary target group: The rest of NPO/RRAA staff to whom the knowledge of HRBA will be disseminated to.


The main aim of the project is to increase awareness about health rights amongst the local population of Injil district of Herat province (Afghanistan) by providing them with tools for advocacy. The goal of this project is firstly to capacity build the local partner, NPO / RRAA in HRBA, who will then help capacity build 10 communities through workshops to strengthen their understanding of health rights and enable them to advocate for those. The long-term goal of capacity building of NPO / RRAA is to integrate HRBA in its overall development as an organization. This will strengthen NPO / RRAA in their role as an active civil society actor capable of creating sustainable social change through the strengthening of Afghan civil society.