Humanitarian Intervention - Responding to the COVID-19 crisis in Somaliland




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COVID19 Priority Countries (Priority Countries)

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  • Mål 1: Afskaf fattigdom
  • Mål 2: Stop sult
  • Mål 3: Sundhed og trivsel
  • Mål 6: Rent vand og sanitet

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  • Somaliland


On 11th March 2020 the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) a pandemic. The virus is considered to fall among the most challenging contagious diseases in the human history due to its high transmissibility ability and degree of causing morbidity and mortality. Guryosamo and SHiFAT have planned to respond to the current pandemic situation in Burao, Borama and Hargeisa in Somaliland, where IDPs and disabled people are at risk of contracting COVID-19 and food insecurity. Guryosamo and SHIFAT are proposing: A) four months of Covid-19 prevention kits and food voucher distribution to 300 HH (1800 people) of disabled people in Hargeisa. B) Covid-19 Prevention kits and water supply intervention to meet the immediate needs of 1,000 HH in the IDPs in Borama and Burao, covering a population of 6,000 people. The interventions will thus target IDPs in Burao and Borama and disabled persons in Hargeisa, areas with urgent need of these interventions as many stakeholders have pointed out. (Annex 1 and annex 2). With our prior experience in terms of having successfully fulfilled several previous calls with DERF (and one ongoing call) we are confident of using our knowhow, network and vast experience to support the vulnerable groups in the IDPs and the disabled people in Hargeisa.