Vocational Education for Youth with Mild and Moderate Learning Difficulties


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36.246,00 kr.

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  • Armenia

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  • Bridge of Hope (BoH)


The appraisal team will help the partner organisations to finalize the proposal document. Basically the appraisal team will facilitate a process of checking problem statement against input from key stakeholders. Some of the areas of focus will be: a) to ensure that lessons learnt from previous joint activities are incorporated into the partnership methodology etc.; b) Assumptions and risks arising (for LFA): To ensure a common understanding of these and related coping strategies; c) Detailed work-plan, precise definition of responsibilities, especially in areas of technical transfer; c) Financial issues: To ensure a common understanding of detailed proposed budget and how this would be managed (finance management issues); d) Target group description - to ensure that the immediate target group as well as other beneficiaries and stakeholders are well and clearly described in project document; e) Sustainability and exit strategy