Strengthening the Teaching of Environment and Natural Ressource Management in Malawian Primary Schools: A contribution to Education for Sustainable Development






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79.400,00 kr.

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  • Malawi

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  • Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi (WESM)


The proposed appraisal will lead to an alliance proposal between DOC and DHA. As outlined below the project has been developed over the last year involving local partners. However, in order to finalise the pro-posal there is a need for all partners to meet and to discuss the proposed project interventions in details with relevant governmental authorities as the project address formal education in Primary Schools. In particular the appraisal will focus on: - Identification of governmental prioritise for potential project contribution to the further development and implementation of UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Malawi. - Roles and responsibilities of district educational office in comparison to the Ministry of Education, in order to identify and agree on governmental input to the project including identification of possible ave-nues for feeding into Primary Curriculum revision processes. - Assessment of the capacity of local partners, with special focus on identifying needs for technical assis-tance from the Danish partners related to the proposed project interventions. - Clarification of local interest and incentives in schools and surrounding community – special attention will be devoted to designing educational project interventions building on on-going activities in the pro-ject area, and taking into consideration the often different roles and perspectives of men and women in NRM. - Identification of appropriate design of project educational material in order to ensure that the project material will be relevant for a wider use in the Malawian School system. - In collaboration with local partners refine planned activities, identify potential risks and exit strategy.