Drought intervention Dollo Zone, Somali Region, Ethiopia


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22-008-SP Drought at the Horn of Africa

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  • Ethiopia

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The local partner Karama Charity Foundation is a NGO based in Werder, Dollo Zone, in Somali Regional State of Ethiopia For 4 months they have helped the most drought affected people in Dollo Zone by delivering water in trucks They have visited the villages of Dollo Zone and talked to the Elder Councils to identify the needs of people there and found that the nomads are the most drought affected people in Dollo Zone.Together with the local municipality they have identified the 200 most vulnerable families based on certain criteria, such as people who have lost some or all of their livestock and are either elderly, single mothers, pregnant women, children without parents, physically or mentally handicapped etc The affected people live in remote areas and do not get much or no help They have enough water but are starving, have no money and live fare away from shops The intervention will distribute food for one month for each of the 200 families in July/Aug to prevent people from dying