Emergency Assistance to Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and Their Families in Ukraine


AMIS – A More Inclusive Society


DERF - Nødhjælpspuljen


22-004-RO Armed Conflict in Ukraine

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516.710,00 kr.

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895.250,00 kr.

Indsatsen vedrører følgende verdensmål:

  • Mål 2: Stop sult
  • Mål 5: Ligestilling mellem kønnene
  • Mål 10: Mindre ulighed
  • Mål 16: Fred, retfærdighed og stærke institutioner
  • Mål 17: Partnerskaber for handling

Indsatsen foregår i følgende lande:

  • Ukraine

Lokale partnere:

  • Coalition to protect the rights of people with intellectual disabilities


The humanitarian intervention is aimed at assisting a most vulnerable group: Persons with intellectual disabilities (ID) - and their families. The families are very often single mothers and grandmothers with 1-2 sisters/brothers. And the persons with ID are in this action youngsters and adults who do not understand the situation and are very difficult for the families to take care of and raising multile behavioural problems. Some of the families cannot get out to get supplies for these reason. The intervention is structured in 6 types of activities: A1: cash grants, A2+A3:local emergency depots for food and for medicine, A4: special social relief service to families, A5: evacuation assistance and A6: emergency day centers for persons with ID. The cash grants will be in 15 localities, A2 and A3 emergency depots will be in 3 localities respectively as will the emergency day centers. The total number of persons is estimated to be is 3.125 of whom 850 are persons with ID.