G3: Ghana Girls' GOALS (Gender, Organization Ambition, Life skills and Sports)







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500.000,00 kr.

Indsatsen vedrører følgende verdensmål:

  • Mål 3: Sundhed og trivsel
  • Mål 4: Kvalitetsuddannelse
  • Mål 5: Ligestilling mellem kønnene
  • Mål 10: Mindre ulighed
  • Mål 11: Bæredygtige byer og lokalsamfund
  • Mål 17: Partnerskaber for handling

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  • Ghana

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Overordnede mål :

The overall objective of the project is to empower youth and at-risk girls living in deprived communities of Accra and Tamale to protect their rights and access to sports. Having been operating for years in these environments, DUNK is able to understand in-depth the key criticalities and the fragile equilibrium in the communities and is able to approach sensitive issues like “gender” to bring a real change in the life of the people involved in their programs. The objective is anchored in a clearly defined need which has been identified by DUNK in years of working in deprived and impoverished communities of Ghana. The success so far from the pilot had led to the call for interest by other communities and programs to extend our activities to other needed locations in Ghana.

Umiddelbare mål :

OUTCOME 1: Improvement of knowledge about Child protection & Health through sport & life skills OUTCOME 2: Improved Gender Focus/participation through integrated sport OUTCOME 3: Capacity Building for DUNK and YEfL

Målgrupper :

This intervention targets two groups that are each deemed equally important. The first target group is the “Playmakers” who are young volunteer coaches (age 16-25) who run weekly practices for children and adolescents. The second target group is the “Players” who are the children and adolescents (age 8-15) who will participate in the weekly training. Moreover, the project builds upon the previous intervention by opening new zones for deprived communities in Tamale and Accra.


This intervention, G3: Ghana Girls’ GOALS (Gender, Organization Ambition, Lifeskills, Sports), is building upon the original pilot project (Ghana GOALS) both geographically and thematically. This project will build upon the successful 18 month pilot project, to focus more on girls and also on a few new locations in Accra and one in the north in Tamale. These three new deprived communities of Accra and Tamale will exercise their rights to leisure and sports, and provide equal opportunities and access to training. It will continue to use street sports as the vehicle to access vulnerable youth with messaging and action for gender equality and social change. This “phase two” project, is a 12 months’ intervention which will empower an additional 350 youth and children between the ages of 10 – 25 years using sports as a mechanism to focus on two target groups in three thematic areas: 1) Child protection and health through sports and life skills; 2) Gender focus/participation through integrated sports; 3) Capacity Building for organizations.